We keep 96% of our customers, how is that possible?

Did you know of all companies that tried our product in 2020, 96% decided to continue with us on a 12-month agreement? Yeah, we know, that is remarkable! To top that, we also have an incredibly high customer retention rate over time.


To investigate this success further, we talked with one of our colleagues, Fredrik Boström. He has worked as both an Account Manager, selling the product to new customers, and as a strategic Customer Success Manager. Let's just say he definitely knows why our customers stay with us long-term.

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Fredrik started with us in 2018 as an Account Manager. Working as an Account Manager at Winningtemp means that you are the first person that our customers meet. You introduce them to the software and help them understand what a huge impact Winningtemp can have on their work environment, talent retention, leadership culture, and overall employer brand. We asked Fredrik why he decided to join us in 2018 when we were only 20+ employees. He answered that he wanted to work at a start-up with an innovative product - a product that allows you to work with people. The fact that Winningtemp measures something as crucial as employee wellbeing was the key. The fact that the founders of Winningtemp had big ambitions and wanted to become the best in the industry attracted him to join this hypergrowth journey.


So Fredrik, what did you love in your sales role? What was the best thing about that job?


A lot of things! First of all, who wouldn't like to sell an innovative, cutting-edge product that makes the customer say, "oh, that's a great product!" at every sales meeting? I've never had a meeting with a customer who didn't think this was a valuable tool, which is quite rare! I also found it very motivating to be able to impact the company's success. We have a very transparent culture here at Winningtemp, so I could easily see how my efforts contributed to the team and company goals.


Then you decided to move over to customer success. Now you work together with a set amount of customers to make sure that they become as successful as possible with our product. What is the most motivating part of this role? 


I like that I can support my customers in their strategic planning and how Winningtemp can help them reach their goals. No matter if it's about keeping top talents, enhancing the work environment, strengthening their leaders or just getting a more accurate, real-time picture of how their teams are doing. I can see how valuable our product is for the employees, leaders and the organisation as a whole.


Based on your experience, both from the early stages of meeting a customer for the first time and then working with them more strategically as a partner, why do you think that 96% of our pilots are extended into a long-term contract with the customer?


Oh wow, I think there are several reasons, but let's keep it short and sweet. First of all, we have a great product. Winningtemp can affect everything from the individuals' wellbeing to how the team works together to become better colleagues and help the manager become a better leader. Second, the HR department is able to experience how their employee turnover and sick leave are reduced after implementation. It also helps that the system is very scalable. The customer can scale it based on their needs and use it in the best way to enhance their employee experience.

Another thing is that we, at the Customer Success team, are not just a software supplier. We work strategically with our customers, and we really want to support them. We are more of a business partner to them, helping them become successful rockstars within this areas. The last thing that I think is a huge reason why customers tend to continue with our tool is that you can impact the development of the software. Several of our latest features and updates are gathered through customer feedback. This, of course, makes our customers understand how valuable their opinions are to us and how they can impact the software.


Last question Fredrik, what kind of persons would you recommend joining our hypergrowth journey here at Winningtemp?


To really enjoy being part of this scale-up journey, you need to love to develop yourself and to have a winner mindset. You should aim to be the best person you can be and grow with guidance and support. You need to have a high level of empathy for the customers and care about their success. No matter which department you are applying for, I think it's important that you care about employee wellbeing and want to be part of a growing company. If this fits well with you, I believe Winningtemp will be an excellent match 😊


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