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Winningtemp was founded in 2014 by Pierre Lindmark and Mathias Hansson Fredlund in a small home office. The goal was to create software that would revolutionize how leaders work with employee engagement. Since then, Winningtemp has grown from 0 to over 700 customers. The number of employees has increased from 2 to 100! Employee number 3 was none other than our Head of Engineering, Alexander Williander.

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Alright, Alexander! Why did you choose to leave a secure job to join a start-up at such an early stage? Were you feeling particularly adventurous?

 Haha, I don't think so. I wanted to build something! To have an impact on something that I personally had made possible, for real. The first day, it was like a "smorgåsboard" of things that I could start creating and put my personal touch to. And it still is! When you work at a larger company, there are always many hierarchies and routines that prolong the process. We have nothing of that sort here! Everything was possible, and it still is. I love it!


What do you find most motivating about working at Winningtemp?

 We have a product that is so cutting-edge that we can impact your way of working. We want to be the thought leader in the industry, so it's not just about building a product based on customer request but also about creating new features that help our customers become the best employer they can be. It's not just "how do you want to work?" but just as much about "how should you work?". How can our software support the managers in taking the next step and working more efficiently with the work environment and employee engagement? If you develop a system like a project management tool or CRM, there are many set ways on how it needs to look. We don't have any such limits! We can be as creative as we want and have a fundamental impact on how people experience their workplace. 


What kind of tech stack do you work with?

 We work with the latest technology, like Kubernetes, Docker and AWS. We also work with continuous delivery, which is very exciting (Pssst, read more about how we do this on our tech blog on Medium). We are very conscious of our choice of technology, and the whole team is involved in this. As a team member, you get the chance to affect how we work and which tools we use. We don't want to get stuck in any old ways. We have an innovative platform, so we need to make sure that we work innovatively and with the best tech possible.


Software engineers are super on demand. Why should anyone choose to start work with your team?

 Because you will be able to work with a meaningful, high-quality and cutting-edge product that REALLY impacts people's wellbeing. Also, you will be able to develop together with us and let your personal touch affect the end product. We are exceptionally team-oriented, and we have about 100 years of experience together. We constantly learn from each other and push new boundaries together!


You have 100% retention in your team, meaning that no one has ever left our tech department. That is remarkable! Why do you think that is?

 I think it's because we are very agile and we do things together. We work very closely with other departments such as QA, design, and customer success. So we are very integrated into the business and can see how every individual contributes. It's easy to see the result of your work. We are still a start-up in many ways, so one can easily take ownership, take on brand new projects, and develop suggestions for new solutions.



How would you describe yourself as a leader?

 Oh wow, that is hard to say! But I know that I have strong values that I live by. For example, I believe in taking your own initiatives and leading your agenda. I'm not a micro-manager or a "boss". I believe that the people we hire have lots of expertise and knowledge, so I let my team members go for what they believe in, give them responsibility and then I'm right next to them to encourage and bounce ideas around. I want us to collaborate and do this together, not be all into the details.

Here you can see how our team is doing right now (figures from our tool):

tech temp 20210429.PNG



Winningtemp is on a hypergrowth journey. Our long term goal and vision is to become the next HR tech unicorn company 🦄

Do you want to be part of making this happen, whilst also having a meaningful impact on people's well-being? 

Then connect with us and keep updated about our open positions. Next week we might post something that fits with your passion and personal aspirations. 




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