What is it like working with sales at Winningtemp?

There are loads of tech start-ups in the world. So why consider working at Winningtemp as an Account Manager, instead of somewhere else? To get you some straight answers to that question, we went directly to the source and interviewed two of our awesome sales colleagues, Simon Ljung and Sara Karlson.

Simon Ljung works as a Senior Account Manager at our Oslo office. He started with us in April 2020. Sara Karlsson has the same role, but at the Stockholm office and started a couple of months later. They are both known within the company for their fighting spirit and high energy.


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Ok you guys! First of all, why did you choose to join this HR tech- company called Winningtemp? What attracted you to this start-up journey?

Simon: I remember thinking “wow, that must be such an exciting product to sell. What CEO or HR manager wouldn’t want it?”. I also figured that this role would allow me to talk with influential people at different companies, and make them see how this tool would give them great return of investment and build a strong company culture. I’ve also been interested in joining a start-up company for a long time, because of the innovation and possibility to have a more personal impact. I love that part of the job! Since I started, our team in Oslo has duplicated and the company have opened new offices. It’s a very exciting time right now in the company history to say the least!



Sara: I had not heard about Winningtemp before I saw the ad on LinkedIn. When I read about the product, I could instantly see how it would benefit all the customers that I’ve helped in the past. I’ve been selling corporate wellness programs before, and I know how valuable a software like Winningtemp’s would have been for them to better understand what to invest in. I mean, massage is fantastic, but if you feel bullied at work or that your manager isn’t listening to you, the massage will not give the result that you want. Winningtemp could help the organization better understand the root cause and support the organization to invest their money more wisely. But also act before things get out of hand. I think that is where the true power of the software is. I love the fact that I get to share this tool with the market.


What is the best thing with working as a sales executive at Winningtemp?

Simon: I like that this isn’t some well-known software. Instead, Winningtemp is a ground breaking, innovative tool that some have never heard about. In my role as an Account Manager, I get to meet a wide variation of different customers, with different business models and show them how Winningtemp can bring value to them. This makes me grow as a sales person. The best thing I know is to transform a sceptic customer into an enthusiastic one. It’s a fantastic feeling!

Sara: I most say that the best thing is to be able to sell a product that all customers have a positive reaction to. Usually they say “that is great and I can see the value it would bring” just a couple of minutes into the meeting. I have had several sales meeting, but I can count one hand the times that a customer has said “this is not for us”. The customer can easily see the value of the tool and usually wants to know more.


The sales team at Winningtemp has the highest temperature within Commitment and Meaningfulness. That is really interesting! Why do you think that the team feels such high levels of motivation and meaningfulness in their daily job?

Sara: I think it has to do with the conversations that we have with the customers. We talk with them about very important and hard topics, and show them how our product could help them. It’s such a thrill when the customer understands how valuable the product is and can see the potential effects it can have on their employees and leaders. It really evokes a lot of important questions.

Simon:  I mean, it’s a meaningful product. We affect peoples working environment and we help managers become better leaders. It’s a product that make our customers say “This is something innovative and I need that”.  The value that they get is so fundamental. Of course the team finds it meaningful and engaging to sell such a product with such great impact! 


Thanks you both! Last question, who do you think should consider joining Winningtemp? What kind of personality should the person have to be able to love their job as much as you guys?

Sara: You need to like change. We are still growing a lot and things change quickly. I see this as a positive thing, because I like that things aren’t set in stone and I can be flexible in my approach. I like to take own initiative, bounce ideas around with others and being able to be a bit of an entrepreneur in my own work. 

Simon: I think its important that you care about areas such as work environment and having a positive impact. I also think that you need to like when things goes fast and that you get to adapt and learn new things. If you want a static environment with lots of hierarchies and old ways of working, this isn’t the place for you. But if you like to push boundaries, love to reach new highs together with others and have own responsibility, you would love it here.



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