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Hey Talent!

Emelie Heikura and Noopur Thatte here! We work as Talent Aquisition Managers at Winningtemp 😃

We are so excited to tell you about our brand new recruitment process*🥳



We have curated this process to give you step by step information about where you are and what the next step is. Winningtemp's recruitment process is moving towards the digital age. We are an innovative HR tech startup and therefore see the value in digitalizing processes.

Requirement profile:

The talent acquisition team at Winningtemp talks to the hiring manager to find out what the team needs and the additional requirements. This step helps us write a fantastic job ad to attract the perfect candidate, like you 😎

Publish the job ad:

Next step in the process is where you see the job advertisement! 📝 The purpose of the job ad is to give you a clear picture of what we can offer you and what type of person we are looking for. It also tells you what your day might look like in a particular position and give you some insight into the culture at Winningtemp 🌞

Personality test:

Next comes the personality test! ⏳ Now you must be thinking, why is this necessary? At Winningtemp, we are constantly looking to create diversity between personalities and also searching for people who can complement the current team. Evali's personality test gives us an insight into what strengths you as a candidate have and how you complement the team. This is also a test that you as an individual own! Which means, if other companies are using it, you do not have to take the test again. When answering the questions always think about how you would act in a work situation. Even if we would enjoy knowing your fika personality, let's save it for the interview 😉

Video presentation:

This autumn Winningtemp's talent acquisition team decided to digitalize  our recruitment process and introduced the video presentation tool. Why is this tool AMAZING for you as a candidate?

Well for the following reasons:

  • It's not just about us choosing you, it's also about you choosing us! Therefore, you will have a chance to see personal video greetings from your potential future colleagues 🙏
  • You can do the presentation in your own time and in your most comfortable space
  • You can present your strengths clearly and it gives you an opportunity to discuss your skills
  • This allows us to e-meet more candidates and gives you chance to show your personality behind the CV

Interview with manager:

After we have received all videos greetings and shortlisted the candidates, we will do one of the things we love most with our jobs! Giving you a call to book the first interview 🚀 During this call, we will provide you with more information about the role, answer questions that you might have about the job and find a suitable time for you to meet with the hiring manager. We believe that this call is important, to make sure that your expectations of the role and the opportunities we can provide are a good match.

Case exercise:

After the interview, if everything feels good for both parties, you will be asked to complete a case. The case differs depending on what role you have applied for. The purpose of the case exercise is to get in-depth understanding of how you approach your work.

Reference check: 

If you shine in the case exercise, it is time for a reference check. Since we believe in the power of digitalization, we will ask you to send in 3-5 references through a system called Refapp. When this is done, your references will get an email where they are asked to fill in a form. When everyone has filled in the form, we might call one or two to ask some complementary questions.

Founders Interview:

The last step is a founders interview. Why you ask? Because our founders truly care about meeting all new Winningtempers and have their own alone time to get to know you 💜


So, the founders are mindblown by you and now it’s time for the greatest part of all: offering you the position! All details should already have been prepared in terms of start date, salary etc. Time to sign some papers. Of course we want to use the latest technology in this area as well, with e-signature.

Onboarding 🦄

Now you are one of us! Welcome to our winning team. A couple of days before your first day, our Talent Manager will reach out to you to prepare your onboarding. Let's start succeeding together and take over the world!

*Note: The recruitment process might differ for some positions. 

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